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    What is Workers Compensation?

    Let’s say it is a normal workday. Some new machinery has arrived in order and fix the highway.

    If you or one of your employees gets injured by this new machine, not only your worker suffered from a lesson but the machinery got broken. What happens next, is a quick travel to the hospital. That means medical expenses, machinery repair expenses, a probable sued and legal expenses.

    With Workers Compensation your will cover:

     Medical Expenses

     Potencial demands

     Lost workdays payments

     Lost workdays payments

     Cover losses

    A requirement by Law

    Workers Compensation is required by law in mosts states of the USA. It means, employers must provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees by paying for workers’ compensation insurance from one of the many licensed insurers in the state, or from the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF). All employers must purchase workers’ compensation insurance, regardless of the number of employees. KYC Insurance®  will help you find the best and flexible coverage for your needs! 

    The clock starts to ticking!

    Injured or hurt at work? The clock starts ticking when you get injured. You should get immediate medical treatment. Your employer should give you a workers’ compensation claim form (also known as Form DWC-1). If you live in California and DID NOT GET YOUR DWC-1 FORM.After your claim, the insurance company will responde.

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