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Commercial Vehicle

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    What is Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

    Commercial Vehicle Insurance, also known as Commercial Auto Insurance, plays a big role in every business’s productivity. Damage to any of your mobile units could mean considerable losses for your company. It is essential to obtain the right insurance for your commercial vehicles.

    Cover your goods carrying vehicles, passenger carrying vehicles, taxies, miscellaneous class of vehicles such as tractors, cranes and trailers, trade road risk policy, trade road transit policy and trade internal risk policy.

    Your Commercial Vehicle Insurance will cover:

    Loss or Damage Protection

    Indemnity for third party property

    & More!

    Who needs Commercial Vehicle?

    You need commercial auto insurance if your business owns vehicles and uses them to:

    Travel to and from job sites

    Transport tools and equipment used for business purposes

    Transport employees or clients

    Did you know…

    Vehicle accidents cost companies $57 Billions in 2017?

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