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Who Needs Contractors Insurance?

If your business is a one-man operation, or if you are a contractor with hundreds of employees, contractor insurance can protect your business from the unexpected and help you win over new clients. If your business meets any of the following criteria, purchasing contractor insurance is a good idea:

Your clients require liability insurance

You serve as a subcontractor to a general contractor

You hire employees

Has valuable assets to protect, such as heavy equipment or building materials

Your business owns cars or work vehicles

You or your employees drive personal vehicles between your office and workplaces

Why is Contractors Insurance so important?

Clients can require contractors to carry liability insurance.

Benefits: Contractors who have the proper insurance coverage are in a better position to win over new clients. If a customer sees that your business is properly licensed and has adequate insurance coverage, your business will take itself more seriously and the chances of a successful offering will increase.

Risks: Without proper insurance, contractors run the risk of losing business. If a client hires a contractor without liability insurance and an accident occurs, the client may be pending to pay damages. Many clients will not hire contractors who do not have liability insurance.

The law may require contractors to carry certain types of insurance, especially Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Benefits: Buying workers’ compensation is not only required by law, it is also a smart business decision. Although you can do everything you can to work safely, accidents do happen. When an accident occurs, you can rest easy knowing that your workers and your business will be covered financially and that you are complying with the law.

Risks: If your employee is injured on the job, without workers’ compensation insurance, your company will be responsible for paying the employee’s medical costs and lost wages. Also, the government can fine your business for not carrying the required workers’ compensation insurance. In some states, the lack of workers’ compensation insurance is also a serious crime.

Unexpected accidents or disasters can occur in the course of your business.

Benefits: Insurance provides financial protection for your business. Having insurance coverage can protect the hard work, time, and money investment you’ve made in your business when certain types of disasters strike. Liability insurance can protect your business financially if it is sued for harming someone or damaging someone else’s property. Property insurance protects your business property if your property is damaged or destroyed.

Risks: Without insurance, a single accident or injury could put your entire business at risk. If your business cannot obtain the funds to pay damages or pay the legal fees necessary to defend your business, you may have to sell your business assets or file for bankruptcy.

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