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    What is Tool & Equipment Insurance?

    If you have suffer from Tools or Equipment loss or theft from the smallest hand tool or the largest mechanical equipment are investments, we all know that the sum to cover the cost of lost or stolen materials can grow very quickly.

    Having your contractor’s Tool & Equipment Insurance will protect items such as generators, nail guns, welders, machinery and other tools. Stop losing money & protect your investments! Tool & Equipment Insurance will cover:

    Your Tool & Equipment Insurance will cover:

    High-end power tools

    Small vehicles (Forklifts, tractors, wheelbarrows, elevators, excavators, etc)


    Other equipment

    In transit property (tools and supplies)

    Computing equipment such as accounting software, potential customer follow-up databases, procedures and other electronic assets.

    Damage, destruction, loss or theft.

    Why Do I Need Tool & Equipment Insurance?

    Projects could easily result in damage to your tools or equipment, or they could be the target of theft or vandalism.  Knowing that your tools and equipment will be repaired or replaced by your insurer quickly if they’re damaged or stolen gives you peace of mind, and if you do need to make a claim, it won’t be long before you can be back working.

    The clock starts to ticking!

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