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    What is Auto Insurance?

    New car? First car? Planning the next trip with friends & family or need to change your insurance company? No matter what the reason is we will help you get the best Auto Insurance. We will take care of the all the hard work.

    You don’t plan to spend money on auto parts, on airbags, maybe a flat tire on highway but unexpected accidents are real. We know you care about your car & so as your personal security, this is why you need the perfect Auto Insurance!

    With Auto Insurance you will drive the road safely from your transit to your destination. Auto Insurance will cover:

    Your Auto Insurance will cover:


    Third party damage

    Bodily injury liability

    Property damage liability

    Roadside assistance


    We have SR-22 insurance.

    What about extended coverage?

    You’ll find plenty of options for extended Auto Insurance coverage. Call one of our insurance agents to discuss the level of coverage that’s right for you. We will guide you and help you get the best Auto Insurance coverage!

    Personal Injury Protection

    Guaranteed Auto Protection

    Uninsured (UM) and Underinsured (UIM) Motorist

    Premium Coverage

    Did you know…

    In 2016, Texas reported the highest amount of fatalities with 3,776, followed by California with 3,623? 

    Choose to stay safe, give us a call & KYC Insurance® today!

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