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    A Low Voltage Contractor Insurance

    Finding The Right Insurance For Your Low Voltage Business Is An Important Step In Protecting And Growing Your Business. KYC Insurance® handles all your Insurance needs!

    What Does a Low Voltage Contractor Do?

    A low voltage and communications contractor installs, services, and maintains all types of low voltage and communication systems that are power-limited and do not exceed 91 volts. These systems include, but are not limited to, telephone systems, sound systems, cable television systems, closed-circuit video systems, satellite dishes, instrumentation and temperature controls, and low-voltage landscape lighting. Low voltage fire alarm systems are not specifically included in this section.

    What Insurance Coverage Do I Need As A Low Voltage Contractor?

    When your business has the right insurance, you have peace of mind knowing that when something goes wrong, you, your employees, and your customers will be financially protected. These are some of the most common coverages for low voltage contractors:

    To cover the many hazards that arise in the workplace, low-voltage contractors must ensure they have a business liability policy for the necessary financial protection if you are liable for personal injury or property damage. Most state licensing authorities will require this coverage before issuing a license to conduct business.

    Protect your business if you or one of your employees have caused injury or harm to another person while driving a commercial vehicle or while driving for business purposes. It also protects your company vehicles against damage or theft.

    Your work truck crashes into another vehicle on the way to electrical work. The other driver is injured and sues your company.

    Your company truck is stolen from the parking lot in front of your company.

    If your state requires a license to operate a satellite dish installation business, it will generally require a bond before issuing a license. The bond will serve as a financial guarantee for the licensing authority and its clients.

    The low voltage contractor will need various tools and equipment while working on the job site. Ensuring that this valuable equipment is covered in case of damage or loss is the best way to protect your business from the cost of replacing this equipment. Your coverage will provide coverage while your tools and equipment are at the job site, in transit, or in storage.

    It provides funds for medical expenses and lost wages if one of its employees is injured or dies while working. In almost all states, workers’ compensation insurance is required for businesses that have employees.

    One of your employees receives an electric shock and injures his hands. Workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage for an employee’s medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and a portion of his lost income while he is unable to work.

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