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    A Varnish/Glazier Contractor Insurance

    Finding The Right Insurance For Your Varnishing Business Is An Important Step In Protecting And Growing Your Business. KYC Insurance® handles all your Insurance needs!

    What Does a Varnish/Glazier Do?

    A glazing contractor selects, cuts, assembles, and / or installs all makes and types of glass, glass work, mirrored glass, and glass substitute materials for glazing; executes the manufacture and glazing of frames, panels, strips and doors; and / or install these elements in any structure.

    Your work plays an important role in construction: from high-efficiency windows that keep a house’s temperature better regulated, to tempered glass doors that are less prone to breakage.

    What Insurance Coverage Do I Need As A Varnish/Glazier?

    Having the right insurance coverage can help you win new jobs and give you peace of mind by protecting you financially if an unexpected disaster strikes.

    Here are some of the most common coverages for a varnish / glazier:

    Protect property before or during installation. For contractors, this could cover building materials or accessories that you are transporting or installing for clients.

    You store building materials at a customer’s site. They are stolen at night when no one is present on the site.

    Protect your business if you physically harm another person or cause damage to someone else’s property. Many customers require electrical contractors to have commercial liability insurance to be purchased.

    Property Damage: Accidentally dropping your tool belt and damaging your customer’s custom flooring

    Bodily Injury: Customer Trips Over Left Power Cords and Sues His Company for Negligence

    Products and Operations Completed: Due to faulty electrical work, one month after completing a job, a fire starts at the customer site. The client sues your company for damages caused by fire.

    Provides protection for property that your business owns or is responsible for.

    Commercial property insurance provides protection for the property stored in your office owned by your business. If your business owns your office, it can also provide protection for the building itself.

    You have computers and inventory in your office. A fire breaks out that destroys the property stored in your office.

    Protect your business if you or one of your employees have caused injury or harm to another person while driving a commercial vehicle or while driving for business purposes. It also protects your company vehicles against damage or theft.

    Your work truck crashes into another vehicle on the way to electrical work. The other driver is injured and sues your company.

    Your company truck is stolen from the parking lot in front of your company.

    Provides protection for mobile equipment that is commonly stored at customer sites or off your business premises. This insurance protects your mobile equipment no matter where it is.

    You own a loader that is parked on a construction site. A windstorm knocks over a tree branch damaging the charger.

    It provides funds for medical expenses and lost wages if one of its employees is injured or dies while working. In almost all states, workers’ compensation insurance is required for businesses that have employees.

    One of your employees receives an electric shock and injures his hands. Workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage for an employee’s medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and a portion of his lost income while he is unable to work.

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