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We cover the Construction & Business industry.Your employees, your building projects, your business, machinery, vehicles and so much more!

Our partners are the most prestigious insurance companies in the market.

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All in one agency to protect your business.

By law, in most states of the USA it is an obligation to be protected with Workers Comp.

Protect you & your family. Cover claims of injury, illness and property damage against your business!

Bond insurance guarantees that a contract is correctly completed or services are adequately provided.

Provides you with freight and merchandise coverage. Cover any damage due to a fire, collision or shock loading.

Have you ever suffered from loss or theft of work tools and equipment? Cover your investments!

Protect your belongings as well as insure your residential and commercial structures while under construction.

Cover your business’s vehicles, whether that’s a specialty vehicle like a catering truck or a regular car used for business.

Don’t run out of insurance coverage! Provide your business or project with protection for catastrophic losses by establishing high limits of insurance.

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We provide a wide range of services to save you time by having ALL IN ONE PLACE!

One agency, one agent to keep up with all your insurance needs.

Have a new car o need need new insurance? Protect yourself from collision, third parties, losses, vandalism and more! We also have SR-22!

Your home is the heart of your family. Homeowners insurance or HO-3 protects you from theft, fire, tornados, visitors injuries and more. We also have Renters insurance. Bee-Safe today!

High Road travel? Motorcycle insurance is like any other type of vehicle insurance and it provides protection in the event of an accident. Quote with us for great coverage and flexible rates!

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